Our Creator Sissa Germann

I started giving style tips to my friends and family years ago, before I even thought of turning this gift into a career. I always wanted to share my love of fashion with people close to me. Gradually, I started to collect pieces here and there for my friends and family, based on my perception of the personality and style of each one of them. After hearing so many people telling me that I should take my passion more seriously, I finally decided to become a professional style consultant.

Having a degree in fashion design and having worked for many years as a stylist in the fields of women's clothing, children's clothing, bags and shoes gave me enough experience make me unique in my field.

I was born in Brazil but lived abroad for many years.Time in which enriched me with experiences and refined my perspective on design and different cultures/styles.

The experiences I acquired while working as a designer and travelling the world I currently try to incorporate in my consultancy services and fashion business.

I am the mother of two beautiful boys, I deal with an intense routine, I split my time between two companies, a scenario that aspires me to be a determined and full of life woman.

Color came into my life by chance. I did not plan a career in the color analysis segment, it simply aroused me when I least expected. After studying the subjet, practicing in over 1000 clients and becoming one of the best experts in my region I decided to invest my passion in Drops de Cor, the mother brand based in Brasil.

I fulfil myself through my work. I love to share my knowledge with women who seek self-knowledge and self-love.

I am a real woman who serves real women.

We are a family owned and operated business and are delighted to bring our products and knowledge to Europe through Drops of Color.

What challenges Sissa?

“Create a unique style with personality for my clients, always respecting the essence of each one. Often going against trends, fashions and fast-fashion and in search of a timeless and coordinated closet, where each piece has an important role in the consolidation of a personal brand.
Inspire and show women that it is possible to dress uniquely and be free in the of combining clothes and colors!"